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Further your child’s progress in a group setting with interactive learning and socialization among peers.

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Social Language Groups in The Woodlands, TX

Therapist-guided group play gives children with social language impairments a fun and hands-on way to practice skills learned in individual therapy and pick up new skill-sets from peers. Carlin Speech is the only private practice in The Woodlands area that offers a language nursery therapy program and social language group therapy for school-age children, including a social language group for teens.

Our social language groups are a big hit with all age groups. Spending time with peers whose skill-sets are similar allows the group environment to be easygoing and confidence-building, while generalizing their communication skills into a natural setting. Our goal is for your child to confidently express themselves and interact socially using good communication.

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Social Language Groups

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Individualized Programs

All groups are therapist-guided while encouraging active participation from all attendees. Groups are small (2-5 children with a therapist to child ratio of 1:2) and based on each child’s age, communication skills and social skills. Groups are offered in English and Spanish.

Social Language Nursery Classrooms

Your toddler will play and learn in a small group, led by one of our enthusiastic and experienced speech-language pathologists. We use games, music, signs and other sensory activities to introduce your toddler to new words, new ways to communicate and new ways to interact with adults and peers. Every week is presents a different theme based activity; every week is fun!

​This group is great for nonverbal children; verbal children with speech, language or other developmental delays; and for late bloomers. Our speech-language pathologists will give you tools and techniques to encourage language and speech development at home, based on your child’s abilities and behavioral needs.

​Social Language Groups for School-Aged Children

These pragmatic language groups teach social skills and communication skills simultaneously (some groups may be more focused on one or the other). A variety of children attend these groups, including those on the autism spectrum and those with Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, social anxiety, learning disabilities and other developmental delays and disabilities. Kids will gain a better understanding of nonverbal cues, work on proper ways of expressing themselves, learn how to connect with others and improve their own self-esteem.

Play groups are led by our therapists, who set up activities, facilitate peer conversations, teach social and verbal skills through storytelling, and monitor children’s interactions during the course of play. Our therapists will work with you on strategies to help your child practice new skills and remember new concepts at home and at school.

​​Social Language Groups for Teenagers

We offer teens a supportive, safe, judgement-free environment to express themselves honestly and work on improving social and speech/language skills at their own pace.

Guided by an experienced group facilitator, teen social language groups are discussion-oriented. We work on fostering friendships among participants, building self-confidence, exploring independence and finding productive, thoughtful ways to communicate with friends, family, teachers, parents, bosses and bullies. Occasional field trips, visiting professionals, and volunteer teens within the community allow groups to experience new situations and test their skills in their real world.

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