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Oral Motor & Feeding Therapy in The Woodlands, TX

A feeding disorder happens when an infant or child has trouble eating or refuses to eat. Feeding difficulties may be an effect of underlying medical complications, but may also be related to concealed sensory and behavioral dilemmas. Symptoms of a feeding disorder may include: refusal to eat, trouble swallowing, taking longer than normal to eat or drink, vomiting, choking, gagging, and behavioral difficulties.

Indications of Potential Oral Motor Weakness

The earlier you can identify a feeding problem due to muscle weaknesses, the easier the therapy intervention program will be for the child. Possible signs to watch for which may indicate potential oral motor weaknesses that could effect feeding and speech development include:

  • Unable to finish a bottle during a meal (falling asleep)
  • Feeding takes longer than 20 minutes for 2 ounces of milk
  • Infants who are loud feeders (tongue smacking is observed)
  • Poor lip seal around the bottle with leakage of milk around lips (bib soaking)
  • Difficulty with articulation and sound production
  • Struggles with various sound distinctions
  • Voice quality, volume, and pitch abnormalities
  • Delayed understanding of language
  • Inability to partially or fully speak
  • Speech muscle impairments due to neurological conditions
  • Apraxia, resulting in rearranged sounds within words
  • Stammering, stuttering, or rapid and slurred speech

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Feeding Therapy

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Individualized Programs

Our therapists are trained to help children overcome oral motor and sensory processing roadblocks with low stress and no pressure exposures. We can help your child overcome failure to thrive, dysphagia, and oral motor delays while supplying all of the information and help you will need to create a more pleasant environment at home.

Schedule an appointment today to learn how our therapists at Carlin Speech can help. For issues relating strictly to picky eating, with no underlying diagnosis, please refer to our food aversion therapy program.

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